Welcome to G2 Metal Fab
Certified MBE

We are committed to producing Structural Steel and miscellaneous metal products that meet and exceed fabrication standards and client, customer and contract requirements. G2 Metal Fab is an AISC Certified Fabricator for Steel Building Structures and an AWS Certified Welding Fabricator.

G2 Metal Fab - Custom Fab

Custom Fab

We offer custom fabrication services from conceptual design to final product. Our teams of Detailers, Fabricators and Project Managers have the skills and knowledge to tackle any projects from simple to complex. We have a large network of business partners that allow us to meet your project needs.

G2 Metal Fab - Structural Steel

Structural Steel

We are setup to perform any light to heavy structural steel fabrication. Our AISC and AWS certifications support our commitment to providing high quality products. Our team has extensive knowledge in structural steel fabrication and keeps up to date on industry standards and requirements.

G2 Metal Fab - Misc Metals

Misc Metals

Our team’s expertise in miscellaneous metals covers products such as stairs, handrails, grating, embedded supports, pipe supports, utility stations, electrical stands/panels, hose racks, bollards/guard posts, etc., and finishes such as galvanized, anodized, powder coater, epoxy coated, etc.

G2 Metal Fab - Emergency Work

Emergency Work

We understand that sometimes not everything goes according to plan, when a quick turn around and quality work is required our crew has the capacity and expertise to meet our customers’ expectations.